Weekend in London


Weekend trip London


London – city of unlimited possibilities, activities and fun experiences – a city to simply enjoy!

My last weekend trip to London was awesome; great weather to stroll along the river Thames, to enjoy a coffee in the park, to have lunch outside, you name it. The first evening we went to fantastic SushiSamba; a really cool place with absolutely amazing views of the London Skyline, incredible sushi and awesome cocktails. We dined in the sushi lounge where no reservation was necessary, but to make sure you get a table in the restaurant if you want to try other things on the menu than sushi you would have to book at least a few weeks in advance if you want to visit during the weekend. The audience is business people that work in the area, as well as people visiting the city, fairly young, and not too posh, the atmosphere is stylish but in a warm and welcoming way.










Saturday in Notting Hill

Day two we took the underground to Notting Hill to visit the Saturday market. The place was bustling with people, all kinds of things, antiquities, clothes, food from different countries, a fresh fish and vegetable market, etc. The food section is wonderful; there is so much to taste and smell that your nostrils will vibrate out of pure luck! I found a French cheese stand where you got three wonderful French cheeses, amongst those a goat camembert that is to die for, for only five pounds! After an hours’ stroll through the parks and lunch at a really great restaurant – The Orange - in Sloan square. They offer the most delicious wood fired pizzas and juicy meats with innovative sides that you can imagine, and the place itself is so neat you´d want to stay there forever.

The evenings’ event was a super energetic Break dance show; the Blaze at Peacock Theatre, that made you want to dance the night away after the one and a half hour show. Professional in every detail; the dancers, the B-boys, the lights and the perfectly mixed music all left you with an experience full of joy and power.











Sunday in Camden

Sunday after breakfast and a morning walk in the new area of the wharf just in front of the London Tower we caught the underground to go to Camden. Camden on a Sunday is a crazy place with all kinds of people that go out of their way to be more original and different than everyone else. You can see grandmas - punk style, all kinds of people of all nationalities and you can buy absolutely anything that has ever been made in China but also handicraft from local artists. Try the food market for a quick lunch before heading to a more tranquil area to rest your head and legs for a while. If going back to the Tower area I can really recommend the little harbor with yachts and sailing boats just on the opposite side of the bridge from the London Tower. There are plenty of little cafes and restaurants and on a sunny day it is a heavenly place to enjoy a creamy cappuccino, sit back and relax.










When to go

Spring and autumn are my favorite seasons to visit London, which, despite being a huge city, has a lot of green areas in the city centre, and if you are lucky enough to hit a weekend with sunshine there are plenty of terraces in the parks and on the squares perfect for enjoying a coffee, a glass of wine or a beer and feel the pulse of this vibrating city! If you go in winter and don’t want to spend all day outdoors, there are endless options; shows, theatre, movies, dance, stand up, museums and fairs…










Practical tips

Find a place central to stay and by an Oyster card to get around the city. The Oyster card can be purchased in major stations such as Victoria and elsewhere and can be charged in any machine in any metro station. The card is valid on buses and metro trains and makes your stay so much easier.


So if you have a weekend to spare, no matter the season, London always has something to offer! No matter if it is your first, second or fifteenth time there. So go - and simply enjoy!


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