Weekend in Paris


Weekend in Paris

If you’ve got only two days to spare – go to Paris! Try and find somewhere central to stay so that you are able to get to most places by foot, bring really comfortable shoes and start exploring!


When to go

One of the great things about Paris is that it is very centrally located so no matter where in Europe you live it is very well communicated and it is possible to find fairly cheap tickets most of the time. May is the month when most people prefer to visit; spring is in the air, everything is in full bloom and the city bustles with life. The advantage of visiting any other time is of course less tourists, shorter queues and cheaper hotel fares. No matter what time you choose to visit you will hopefully love it!


Things to see, do and taste

The French capital is a wonder of gastronomic experiences, beautiful architecture and cultural as well as historical landmarks. Get up early; put on your comfortable shoes and head out for the Louvre if you are in to art, or just to see the buildings if you are more in to architecture, stroll along Champs Elysees, have a coffee in any nice Patisserie along the way, check out Arc de Triomphe, have lunch at any nice bistro inside or on the sunny terrace and marvel over the quality of the food. Try the classic Moules Mariniere (mussles, see recipe in Recipe section), accompanied by a glass of white wine for example a Loire Sauvignon Blanc or a beer for that matter (even if that seems to be more common in Belgium than in France). Spend the afternoon relaxing on a bench in front of the Eiffel Tower watching people pass by, and if you have the patience to stand in line; purchase tickets to the tower; by elevator or stairway for the sporty bunch. If you are just thinking of getting up there because of the views an alternative view point with amazing views of the Paris skyline is the hill of Sacré-Coeur.











This majestic building brings your spirit to something taken from a story told by Scheherazade in The Nights, or makes you think of Taj Mahal in all its' beauty. The basilica is a Roman-Catholic church dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus, built between 1875 and 1914, and inagurated after the World War in 1919. To get there you also have an excuse to stroll through the cute and very picturesque streets of Monmartre. There you can easily find genuine and really recommendable restaurants (Giraf Le Resto - their baked camembert salad is an excellent choice for instance), the best cheese shops and bakeries in town.















Make sure to bring a bag with empty space as you will surely want to take some Parisian bread, cheese and wine home with you! Paris is a place so enjoy, so simply enjoy it!




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